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Welcome to Místní místním

Our story

We are a non-profit organisation officially founded in 2019 with the goal of creating a more inclusive and welcoming Prague. We want to have solidarity places in each district - Currently, we have connected 17 solidarity places around Prague.

We built a network connecting social-friendly cafés, restaurants, theatres and other shopkeepers who wish to freely offer essential services to people without homes and anyone in need; some examples include a glass of water or the possibility to use the toilet. Some places offer vouchers for expensed services, such as coffee or lunch. These vouchers can be purchased by the public for someone who could not otherwise afford it. We connect our Solidarity Network with the public and local social services, creating a long-term safety net as well as a lasting and sustainable support for anyone in need. 

We are part of the global platform The Chime – which works with similar projects around the world. We have gained great experience with them and improved the support given for the solidarity places involved.

What does the Solidarity Network mean?

  • social friendly places, that provide small services free of charge for a long period of time, primarily to people without homes and anyone in need. 
  • opportunities for people in need to connect with their neighbours and get back on their feet.
  • small and manageable help, that doesn't cost much, simultaneously making our city more inclusive and welcoming.
Our team, meet us below.


Ester Pacltová

Founder and Director

Veronika Kličková

Solidarity Network Coordinator

Kristiina Leppänen

English support

Denisa Němcová

PR and marketing

Simona Kodytková

PR and marketing

Do you want to join the Solidarity Network?

Contact Veronica, the coordinator of the Solidarity Network, and she will get in touch with you: