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How to become a member of the MM Solidarity Network?

1. Get in touch!

just write or call us. We will get back to you and can arrange a personal meeting.

2. Meet in person

and together we will determine what solidarity services you may want to offer as a member and how to deal with different situations. We will sign a code of ethics with you and give you MM stickers for your front door.

3. Package from us

you will get a guide about the Solidarity Network, a visual of the MM, posters, and training for you and your team.

4. We'll keep in touch

we will inform you about your involvement with social services helping people in need. We will post about you on social media. You will have our support via phone or email. We'll check in regularly to see how everything's going.

Currently, we operate only in Prague, Czech Republic. Would you like to be involved but you are living in another city? You are in our mind! We are preparing a manual that can be used to create a network of social friendly places in other cities in the Czech Republic. If you are interested, write to us and we will send you the manual as it will be done.


When you join the Solidarity Network you will receive a package from us that includes:

- The Solidarity Network Guide with key information and important contacts
- Visuals of MM - stickers, posters and flyers to hang in your place
- A small welcoming gift from our team

Participating places will also receive free training from us on how to deal with problematic situations.

MM brochure

MM Guide

MM Flyer

MM Flyer

MM Vouchers