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The Solidarity Network supports people without homes and in need. It's easy to join, make Prague a more welcoming city.

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Why get involved?

What are the benefits of the Solidarity Network? What support can we offer you?

Participating places

What is it like to be part of the MM Solidarity Network? Check out comments from places that have already joined us.

Join us!

How to add your shop / café / place to the MM Solidarity Network – what can you expect if you say yes? And what to do if you are not from Prague?

Do you want to ask us something, do you need advice?
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Místní místním, z.ú.

K Brance 11/19e, Stodůlky (Prague 13),

155 00 Prague

IČO: 08413444

Account number: 2501705550/2010

Tel.: +420 733 161 564