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Why get involved?

What are the benefits?

1) You will carry the brand of social friendliness

Everyone involved in the network is helping to build more inclusive, welcoming neighbourhood which forges trust in people and our society.

2) You get our long-term support

We stay in contact with everyone involved in the network, we help you set up convenient/suitable services, we give you training, we are on the phone and we also mediate with social service providers and NGOs like NADĚJE, Salvation Army etc.

3) We help you to promote your place

On our website and other social media platforms we present information about the solidarity places involved in the social friendly network, we organize events which you can join or which can take place in your facilities.

How to do it?

You can support your local community by providing basic necessities and free services. A free glass of water? A quick phone recharge? Members of our Solidarity Network welcome all into their facilities and provide these services, and more, for free to those in need.

The choice of services to offer is entirely yours. We'll help you prepare and manage the services to make sure that it's manageable and does not disrupt daily operations. Our main goal is to create a dense network of places where those in need will feel safe and confident to ask for the assistance they need.

Do you want to join the Solidarity Network?

Contact Veronica, the coordinator of the Solidarity Network, and she will get in touch with you: